Handmade Pottery, Clay Works and Jewelry Designs by Lauren Bausch    Completely Original, Totally Unique! 
A Bit about Lauren / Upcoming Events
Upcoming Shows and Events:

Cotton Pickin' Fair: Gay, GA: First weekend in May & October


Fired Works 2014:


My Humble Beginnings with Clay:

Ever since I drank coffee from the first cup I ever made, I was hooked on pottery. Before this happened, I DESPISED ceramics class. I always believed that I was a painter pretending to be a clay artist, and I was a horrible student. One evening when I first began throwing on the wheel, I found myself particularly frustrated after numerous attempts at throwing a cylinder with no luck. My hands were bleeding from hours of struggling, and I was tired of trying. After finally getting a cylinder over 6" tall (like the assignment required), I tried to smooth out the rim, and it collapsed. In a fit of obscenities, rage and tears, I flung the ball of mud from my hands and pelted the metal wall outside the Columbus State University studio so hard it left a dent.
Artist Bio:

Lauren Bausch is a born and raised Columbus native, with a rich Columbus family heritage. Her great-grandparents worked in the Columbus Mill, and most of her family members still reside in this city. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art from Columbus State University in May 2009 and is currently living with her husband in Macon, GA and working as a full-time freelance artist and Etsy shop owner.

As a child she spent numerous hours writing books and poems complete with illustrations. When she wasn't busy creating crayon masterpieces, she was making mud-pies, hence her later interest in ceramics.

Although pottery and sculptural ceramics are a more recent passion, she has always been an avid painter, specializing in numerous techniques and media: collage, encaustic wax, acrylic, oil, and an immense mixture of all these.

2009- Graduated with BFA in Studio Art. Columbus State University: Focus in Ceramics

2008- Edward Shorter Art Scholarship recipient

2009-2010 Columbus Artist Guild Member

2008-2011 Front Porch Gallery Artist, Columbus, Georgia

2009-2010 Joseph House Gallery: Columbus, GA: Board of Directors

2011- Macon Arts Alliance Member: Featured Artist in “Under 30, Under 100” show, June 2011
   Featured in "Believe" show, Dec. 2011
2012- Finalist in Macon Mogul business grant 
   Macon Arts Member: Featured in "Early Works" show
2012-13 Fired Works Macon Artist 
2013 "Fun in the Sun" Solo Exhibit, Macon, GA


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